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Zepter Soft is an additional module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which supports Direct Sales and Multi-level Marketing Business. Zepter Soft module is structured around four major themes: Sales Contracts Management, Representatives Management, Commission Calculation Management and Master Cases Management.

Sales Contracts Management is related to Sales Contracts, Sales Items, Promotions, Customers, payments and invoicing.
Sales Contracts represent contracts concluded with customers by Zepter Company and keep together all important information related to particular sales transaction. For maintaining goods sold by Sales Contracts, Sales Item are used. For improvement of sales and marketing operations, Sales Items are separated from Items (Stock Items), and only they can be used during the registration of Sales Contract. All pricelists are prepared for sales items. To Sales Contract could be applied promotion which is a set of the rules and conditions that makes some benefits for a customer like discount or additional gift. Payments from the customers are posted manually to selected sales contract. Zepter Soft Platform registers and keeps individual accounts which contain all important information related to  every end customer. Realization of sales contract means creation of Sales Order based on Sales Contract. Later based on Sales Order, Shipment (delivery note) and Invoice are created.

Representatives Management is connected with Representatives and Representative Contracts.
Representative could be a person or company. For storing representative’s personal data independent from cooperation contracts, Contacts are used. Zepter Soft Platform provides one account for each representative where user can see all his/her cooperation contracts. Contact can have related customer account and vendor account. Cooperation contract concluded between Zepter Company and person or other company for selling goods in behalf of Zepter Company is registered in Zepter Soft Platform as a Representative Contract.

Commission Calculation Management  is associated with Commissions, Marketing Plan, Turnovers, Managers’ Ranks and Structure.
Commission calculation results in amounts of earned commission for each representative. For appropriate commission calculation some rules and conditions have to be set up in dedicated configuration places of Zepter Soft Platform. That rules and conditions are contained in Marketing Plan. Calculation of commission is divided in two types: personal commission and managerial commission. Representative’s personal turnover directly influences on the result of personal commission calculation. Turnover is a measure of performance of every representative. It is calculated on basis of contracts signed in Zepter Month. Manager’s Rank has direct impact on the result of managerial commission calculation. Every representative that is a sponsor (manager) for other representatives earns managerial commission, and the permission percent depends on the earned rank. Every rank has defined qualification requirements to be met. To calculate representatives’ turnovers and managers’ ranks proceed of structure calculation is used. Structure is defined by relations of representatives’ tree. At the end of every Zepter Month current structure is stored as fixed structure for this month, separately for every brand. After structure is calculated, on basis of turnover and ranks commissions are calculated according to marketing plan setup.

Master Cases Management is linked to Master Cases, Master Case Contracts and Master Case Operations.
Each master case has its own dedicated account for maintaining all operations related to it. For handing over Master Case, Master Case Contract has to be concluded between representative and Zepter Company. Master Case module covers basic operations that can be performed to master case, e.g.: shipping, returning, removing components, adding new components.