Zepter IT offers variety of IT services, focused on Microsoft technologies. Our solutions include sales processes management, customer relationship management and other business related products.

We offer high quality software extending and integrating ERP systems. We are focused on products which expand system of cooperation capabilities and wide range of Business Intelligence tools.
We prepare software solution for individual companies by setting together "of shelf" products with our tools. Zepter IT consultants and developers will take care of the whole life cycle of the product in your company.

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Zepter IT is Microsoft Dynamics Partner, certified as "Silver Enterprise Resource Planning”. Our NAV team has over 60 years of experience with all versions of the system, starting 2.60 up to recent versions. Our primary experience is roll out of standardized platform in international projects.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management solution for small and mid-size organizations that helps to simplify and streamline highly specialized business processes, rapidly adapting to the unique way of business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides enterprise and its employees with a specific industrious functionality that is relevant to the local needs of regions of operation, even for the most highly specialized industries and organizations. Through the rapid adaptation, simplified customization, and ease of use offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, adding new functionalities, custom applications, and online business capabilities becomes even simpler. Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables the people to be effective and your business to be competitive.

Some of NAV implementations provided by Zepter IT are:


Zepter International Poland


Zepter UK


Zepter International Ukraine


Group Zepter Espana


Zepter Austria


Zepter Europe


Zepter International Serbia


Zepter Canada


Bioptron Espana


Zepter Zest Croatia


Tuttoluxo UK


Zepter Paris


Zepter Romania


Zepter Lithuania


Zepter US


Zepter Sweden


Zepter Bulgaria


Zepter Egypt

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We have created complex Internet solutions including: e-commerce solutions, orders supporting systems, multimedia presentations, Customer Relationship Support software and many others. Taking into account the diversity of the market, we always try to tailor our e-commerce solutions to the needs of individual customers. The success of the Web mainly depends on selecting the appropriate, functional and state-of-the-art Internet solutions.

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One of the areas of our activity is the Business Intelligence. During realization of each project we are achieving two basic aims - delivering the tools for:

  • measurement of efficiency of the business processes on top and mid management levels,
  • support the activity on operational level.

The main advantages achieved by the enterprise after the project is introduced are:

  • lowering internal cost of business,
  • empowering the decision making process,
  • accelerating the reports generation process.

During the implementation phase, we use set of trusted Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 technologies. The most of our solutions are composed by the following elements:

SQL Server Date Engine / Date Warehouse – is the single place for integrating data collected from various systems inside the enterprise.

Analysis Services / OLAP - consume and precalculate data from the data warehouse in order to supply it to the rest of the solution’s components.

Microsoft Excel – is a popular tool used for quick ad-hoc analysis and report generation. Excel can be easily replaced by different client tools.

Dashboards - are applied realization of the Balanced Scorecard management idea. They concentrate the information about the whole enterprise on a single screen.

Reports – utilizing the best features of data warehousing and OLAP technologies, reports are generated almost immediately and the time needed is very slightly dependent from the quantities of data collected in OLTP systems.